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Capturing Art


High fidelty digital files captured in-house.

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The Process...


Step One.

During the consultation process, we'll determine a method to get your art in our hands. We can do drop-offs or pick-ups.

From this point, your piece is either scanned by our small format scanner, or photographed by our macro lens in diffused lighting. 

Scanning the original piece of art
Step Two.


Once the file is scanned or photographed, we will stitch the smaller files together to create the complete piece.

All color and lighting editing will be done now to get an image that is as close to the original piece as possible.

Digitally color matching the original
Step Three.


The scanning is complete! The print-ready file is sent to the artist via email, and can now be used for printing and any other digital format use.

The now digitized scan
Art by @leannamakesstuff

Size of Artwork

8x10 (1 scan)

11x17 (3 scans)

13x19 (6 scans)

18x24 (12 scans)

20x30 (2 photos)

36x48 (4 photos)


$ 10.00

$ 20.00

$ 30.00

$ 40.00

$ 25.00

$ 45.00

For larger pieces, it takes more individual scans/photographs to capture the entire image. It requires careful editing to blend multiple images into one full piece. The example above was captured in 3 seperate scans, then stitched together in an editing software to create the final image.

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